10 Vitamin Myths De-bunked

There are many myths about vitamins and the need to or not to take them, so we’ve gone into some detail for you and pulled out the myths that we get asked about the most so we can well and truly de-bunk them for you.  Below is the top 10 Vitamin myths de-bunked.

  1. Vitamin D – you can get enough from your food


This is a big one! In a nutshell, you can’t get your daily quota of Vitamin D from your food alone. While foods do contain Vitamins, to maintain a balanced diet, you couldn’t possibly eat the amount of food containing Vitamin D per day to reach your daily dose.

  1. Vitamins don’t expire


Found some old vitamins in the back of the cupboard and thought you’ll start taking them again? Think again, they’re probably expired! This is a big one to consider for pregnant women, don’t keep that bottle of Folate for next time, because they will expire before your next pregnancy.
It’s best to complete the bottle of vitamins at the time, or throw them out and purchase new ones if you haven’t taken them for a few months.

  1. But I’ll put on weight if I take vitamins


There are no calories in vitamins, so you won’t gain weight from taking vitamins.

  1. All Vitamins are the same so I buy them on special at the supermarket


Sadly, all Vitamins are not created equal! The quality of the vitamins you find at your local supermarket just don’t match up. The supermarket variety of Vitamins are usually contain lower levels or dosages. You won’t get the same effect as taking quality Vitamins.
We stock Pharmaceutical quality products, ensuring that you are getting the best quality available! We examine each and every product before we decide that it’s good enough for our customers, so you can rest assured that if it’s on our website, it’s the best of the best!

  1. Exercise? Diet? Nah, I take Vitamins


Just because you take vitamins does not mean you can forgo Exercise and a healthy diet.  Vitamins should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise for the best results, they should never be taken to replace exercise and healthy eating.

  1. One Vitamin fits all


Everyone is different, therefore buying the same vitamins for everyone in the family and getting everyone to take them isn’t necessarily a good idea. Yes, there are foundation items that everyone should be taking, like a probiotic for example, however moving from there it isn’t so simple.
One family member who works in an office will probably benefit from a Vitamin D supplement, while another family member who works outdoors, probably doesn’t need the extra Vitamin D.

Diet, lifestyle and your bodies signals about what it is lacking should be taken into consideration when picking vitamins for each individual in your family.

  1. But I get all the vitamins I need from my food


While it should be true, this is sadly a myth. Now without going into the science of why, the use of chemicals and pesticides, plus the over-farming of land, means that our foods are absorbing and holding less vitamins than they used to, therefore making it more important to take vitamins to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Vitamin D – We live in Australia, I get enough Vitamin D just from the sun


Vitamin D absorption is such an interesting topic and there are so many variants to getting the optimal amount of Vitamin D from the Sun, it really isn’t as simple as getting outside.
With lifestyle changing to a more indoors facet, most people are only going outside in the morning and afternoons to and from work, which in winter time, won’t be enough exposure to Vitamin D to obtain the daily levels needed.

Also, pregnant women, children and people over 70 need higher levels of Vitamin D daily and are recommended to spend more time outdoors. To make matters more confusing, the angle of the sun, sunscreen, time of day, are all factors which can affect how much Vitamin D you will get from simple sun exposure each day.

  1. Always take your vitamins when you wake up in the morning


It really depends on the vitamin supplement as to when the best time is to take it, either in the morning, or with food. If it doesn’t state when to take it on the packaging, then anytime is good, but check before you add a new vitamin into your routine.

  1. I should be able to take vitamins once and feel better


Oh if only this were true! Vitamins are not something you take as a once off and you’ll feel great, they take a minimum of 24 hours to absorb into your body and start to work. You need to consistently take Vitamins to allow your body an opportunity to absorb the nutrients and to put the Vitamins you’re are giving your body to good use.  If you are Iron deficient for example, it could take a number of weeks of consistently taking Iron supplements to get your bodies Iron levels to a sufficient level for you to start to feel the benefit. It would then require you to continue to consistently take those Vitamins to maintain healthy Iron levels in your system.


A few tips for taking Vitamins

Do we have your head spinning with all these myths? How about we set you at ease with a few tips to help you:

Consult your doctor

You should consult your doctor before taking any new vitamins or supplements. You should also notify your doctor of what you are taking when you are being prescribed medication, in case the medication and vitamin shouldn’t be consumed in conjunction with each other (for example: if you are prescribed a blood thinning medication or aspirin, you should probably not also be taking Vitamin E).


If you are taking a calcium supplement, it’s best to take this separately to other vitamins to ensure the calcium doesn’t affect any mineral absorption.

Daily recommended doses are there for a reason

You know that saying, too much of a good thing isn’t good for you?  This applies to vitamins too. Best to stick to the daily recommended doses for any vitamins you are taking, if you’re taking your vitamins at the recommended time of day and at the suggested doses, then you’re getting the most out of your vitamin.


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